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Orion trucks : new Spring Catalog

Orion just released their new product lineup for this Spring. Introducing new pro truck from Pat Duffy. Also new color ways and mini truck 120mm for a solid quality functional low profile truck for skaters from 5-9 years old also know as ” groms ”

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Orion trucks: Blake Harris CREEKSIDE DIY…

Lowcard reporters went down under to see what’s happening at the Creekside DIY. Featuring: Kevin Kowalski, Blake Harris, Cameron Markin, Brooke Thompson, Tony Chavez, and John “PeeWee” Dickenson.  

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Death skateboards new collection

Pure Distribution just released new decks from Death skateboards. Be sure to check them out on their instagram.

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Orion Trucks: Nice one Bruva featuring Caleb Smith

A fun edit of Caleb Smith progressively killing it to some cheers from the homie!. Thanks to Brent Hyden for killing it on “the homies” animation, filming and editing this masterpiece! Now get off you computer and go skating! Art by Super death art junk aka Whatif.

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Premium: Caleb Smith new team rider

Premium is stoke to welcome caleb smith too the team @skate_smith #premiumtrucksfam

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Premium skateboards new boards

Premium just came out with some new designs including some Marcus Carr new graphics to kick off 2016. Boards are available for sale through our site and finer skateshops. All the decks are 100% hard rock Canadian maple made in North America cold pressed top quality at killer pricing

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#trackerbook 2016 special.

The #trackerbook 2016 special. Order the gnarly 388-page coffee table book TRACKER – Forty Years of Skateboard History and T-shirt. Shop Inquiries are welcomed for incredible margins

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Tracker trucks :  Elgato classic – Palm Springs

Tracker trucks was sponsoring and was at the Elgato Classic on the weekend of December 4-6th. Live bands were playing like Agent Orange along with Vert demos of Tony Hawk , Neal Hendrix, Christian Hosoi , Tony Magnusson , Kevin Stabb  etc. It was a great weekend and looking forward to it for next year.

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Orion trucks : Lenny Rivas new teamrider

oriontrucks@oriontrucks is stoked to welcome @lennyrivas619 to our dysfunctional family! Signature Truck and welcome edit dropping soon!

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Tracker trucks :  New decks lineup

Tracker is proud to launch new decks for this fall. The Screaming flower decks come in 2 pool shapes and  the Fish model in a sick 8.5 shape. All boards are proudly made in America and made with 100% hard rock canadian maple

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