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Orion trucks :  Street League Ryan Decenzo

Orion trucks pro Ryan was at Street League last week in Los Angeles and killed it . He finished 4th in the finals and got edged out from the top 3.

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Tracker Trucks : Woodstock’s Tribute to Lonnie Toft

Two legendary names, two different eras, two people known for their innovation and creativity in skateboarding. Lonnie Toft and Simon Woodstock. This is Simon’s tribute to Lonnie and his multi wheeled boards that lonnie was riding back in the late 70′s/early 80′s. Simon put his own little twist on Lonnie’s original design of the outrageous [...]

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Orion Trucks : Orion Welcomes Martin Pek

Martin Pek has been on a tear lately and when Marek told me he has been riding the trucks, it was a no brainer to get him on the program. Welcome too the family brother!  

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Surf Expo Tradeshow Orlando January 9-11th

Come check us at the at Surf Expo tradeshow in Orlando, Florida from January 9th to l1th. We will be showcasing the new lineups for Orion and Tracker along the Woodchuck OEM program for 2014

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Agenda Tradeshow January 7-8th 2014

Pure Distribution will be exhibiting at the Agenda Tradeshow in Longbeach California from January 7-8th. We will be showcasing Tracker trucks, Orion trucks and Woodchuck OEM skateboard manufacturing. Be sure the stop by for free stuff and fun

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Tracker trucks  : Brad Edwards edit

Brad Edwards true legend from San Diego has been riding for Tracker for a long time. Enjoy his video edit.

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Orion trucks : NYC’s Waters & Army welcomes Marek Zaprazny

Control, precision, and good trick selection. It ain’t easy coming up in America as an Eastern European skateboarder from Slovakia. But when you got skills, you got skills. NYC’s Waters & Army welcomes Marek Zaprazny to their team with this full part. You’ll wanna watch this.

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Blueprint :  Witness Precision with Ignacio Morata

The latest from the I Witness series of edits from Blueprint Skateboards featuring Professional Ignacio Morata

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Tracker trucks :  GSD to edit the Tracker Book

                                            GSD – Gary Scott Davis has joined the team on the #trackerbook Project, his talents in both graphic design and editorial will provide a key component to make this book amazing, so blessed [...]

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Orion Trucks :  Cherry park Edit with Marek – Josh – Mikey

A few weeks back we made our way up too Cherry, as usual it was a blast. Mikey Haywood, Josh Love, Marek Zaprazny. Edit by Cameron Wertzler

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