Montreal – Station 21
251 Ste-Catherine East
Montreal, QC
H2X 1L5
Phone: 514.284.6473
Fax: 514.383.4617
Liquidation Centre: 514.287.0496

Since first opening in 1995, Underworld has become somewhat of a landmark to the locals of the Northern Montreal region. Located in Ahuntsic (Montreal), we started out as a core record store, selling tapes, CDs, 7 inches and rare vinyl until the spring of ’96. As the days grew longer and warmer, the birds began to sing, and the pavement was finally dry, it was decided that skateboarding had to be incorporated into the shop. Back then, we hosted over 150 bands in our back store venue. Strung Out, Blink 182, Anti-Flag, MXPX, Avail, Satanic Surfers, The Promise Ring, and Earth Crisis were among the many that graced the Underworld stage. This went on until March of ’98, when our friendly neighborhood fire department decided to shut us down for “safety” reasons. Up yours Smokey!

So we moved on, and started to focus more on the local skate scene by putting on our own skate demos, competitions, and building a strong skate team. We transformed the old venue into an indoor bowl. As time went on, we had the opportunity to open a second location in downtown Montreal, as well as a third in Vancouver, spreading the love across the continent.

After 4 seasons of our show The Under Attack Tour, and holding one of the biggest annual amateur skate contests in Montreal, AM Getting Paid, we still weren’t ready to throw in the towel. We opened an even bigger and better store in downtown Montreal with an all ages venue to go back to our musical roots.

Finally, our online store is growing by the second, having more and more clients, items and hits everyday! We are proud to be one the best online shop in Canada.

After all these years, we’re thankful to still be on our feet and grateful for everyone to has lent their support to the Underworld Family.